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Goods Lifts

GPL® Goods-Passenger Lifts of loads from 900 to 12.500 kg and higher provide transportation of goods and accompanying persons. As a rule, the GPL-lifts of higher loads are adapted for loading / unloading by means of forklifts. The lifts are equipped with direct drives with two or four EC type pistons (telescopic with mechanical synchronization) or TCS (for narrow shafts) pistons. If it is necessary, the pawl devices are used additionally to stabilize the lift cabin’s floor during loading with forklifts.
Goods-Passenger Lifts GPL® take advantage of the unique worldwide direct drive technique VRK Lifts 1:1 Technology, which keeps the cabin’s floor stable while loaded with few-ton forklifts. Moreover, the lift shafts are characterized by extremely small dimensions relative to the cabin size.

That has the biggest value out of all standard goods-passenger lifts. The shaft walls are characterized by light construction because forces are concentrated mainly on the shaft bottom and do not require dilatation.

These unique solutions in the world are valued for simple, easy in assembly construction and their longevity. The GPL-lifts can work at a very high frequency as a link in the production line. A perfect example is the two-level electronic plant in Kobierzyce near Wroclaw, where one of the VRK Lifts is GPL® 4.000 kg working in 3-shift cycle, 7 days a week. Number of cabin starts recorded by the registering device reached 1 million over the last three years. That means that the cabin passing the distance of 6 m up / down, covered at that time more than 6,000 km. Maintenance, apart from regular inspections, has been limited to a single cylinder seals replacement.

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