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MRL Lifts

VRK Lifts machine-room-less elevator quality is second to none, and our gearless elevator provides technological advances that deliver a world-class ride, maximum MRL life cycle and exceptional reliability — with an average of less than one callback per elevator per year with our maintenance plans. We also provide monitoring services for our machine-room-less elevators.
Our exclusive smartphone application is designed to offer even more convenient access to elevators equipped with the DOAS Integrated with Security System. This intuitive and user-friendly app increases mobility and helps add value to the building. With the ID Card Call function, passengers can request an elevator from the lobby to their destination floor before entering building security.

After authenticating at security via ID card, passengers confirm their assigned elevator once inside the building. With the Smartphone Call function, passengers already in the building can select their departure and destination floors when requesting an elevator. With both functions, the smartphone displays the elevator assigned to the passenger, shows its current status, and uses push notifications to alert the passenger as the elevator car approaches. Passengers can also easily request a wheelchair accessible elevator, when needed.

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